Restored SmileRestorative dentistry is all about bringing mouths back into use. When you lose a tooth, nothing is ever quite the same. The entire balance of a healthy mouth is at risk. The bite alignment goes off; opposing teeth may drift in an unpredictable direction and the facial appearance ages. However, there’s a lot we can do to improve function, aesthetics, and quality of life! Contact us today at (949) 640-1122.

  • Bridges are partnered with crowns to resolve gaps left by missing teeth. The idea is to replace teeth with false or “pontic” teeth, secured by crowns on either side and fixed in place. Quality bridgework is one of dentistry’s mainstays. Bridges look and feel very natural and are an excellent restoration choice.
  • Partial Dentures also depend on your remaining teeth for support, but attach firmly in place with clasps or “precision attachments.” Complicated partials can be engineering marvels, filling in for missing teeth on both sides of the dental arch. The success of partials dentures depends on the health and strength of attachment teeth.
  • Full Dentures are not the end of the line, dentally speaking. A suitable, well-fitting denture can come close to a full complement of teeth, and contribute to a youthful appearance as well.
  • Implants are among the most reliable remedies for missing teeth. With a medical-grade titanium implant root, they can replace a single tooth or support an overdenture. Patients with dental implants all agree: Why didn’t I do this sooner?

Replace missing teeth? Do it. Restorative dentistry has a way! Contact us today at (949) 640-1122.