Man with Bad BreathDo you have bad breath? Also known as halitosis, the condition may cause embarrassment and self-consciousness, but it can also mean there is a problem with your oral health. So, take action by finding the cause and the treatment! Call us at (949) 640-1122 to schedule an appointment.

What are the Causes of Bad Breath?

Finding the cure means first finding the cause. In many cases, food particles and bacterial plaque accumulate toward the back of your tongue, where they begin to smell. However, other dental problems may also be the cause, especially if you suffer from inflamed gums, infection, saliva deficiency, upset stomach & acid reflux. Changes in diet can also bring it on, as can smoking, diseases like diabetes or chronic bronchitis, and poor dental hygiene. Certain medications can cause it as a side effect.

Prevention and Treatment

Keeping your mouth healthy is the surest way to keep your breath smelling its best. And while the social aspect of halitosis is important, the medical aspect is equally so. One of the warning signs of gum disease is bad breath.

If you are brushing (your teeth and your tongue), rinsing, and flossing twice daily and you still have bad breath, tell us about it. Be sure to discuss recent illnesses or surgeries and what medicines you are taking. Keep a log of the food you eat. We can help identify the cause and—if it’s an oral health problem—develop a plan to treat it!

We can help identify the cause and develop a plan to treat it!
Call us at (949) 640-1122.